Schurman Farm Team

The Team at Schurman Family Farm

The farm staff have been the backbone of the operation since 2012 because in order to make it all work, Marc and Krista maintain off farm jobs. Even though their families are far away, they are happy to come here and work to support their families. Marc and Krista provide staff team the opportunity to head home for special events throughout the year so they can stay connected to their families and communities in Mexico. Marc and Krista also have their families onboard helping them so they understand and value the importance of family.



  Wenceslao has been on the farm since 2012. Wences grew up on a farm in Veracruz, Mexico and got his Agricultural degree in Mexico before joining Bionatur greenhouses in central Mexico.

 That is where Wences and Marc met as they worked together there in 2007-2008.

 Wences manages most of the day to day work in the tomatoes and cucumbers with the help of Gaston and Raul. 

He is married to Maria Valeria and has one son, Rafael.  He travels home twice a year for a month to visit.


GastonGaston Picking Cucumbers

  Gaston has been on the farm since 2012,  and arrived shortly after his brother Wenceslao. When in Mexico, Gaston lives close to the US border in Reynosa.

  When he is home for a few months, Gaston works with his family's plumbing business. Here at Schurman Family Farm, he is our cucumber guy, managing most aspects of plant production and packaging.  He is always full of smiles and often seen having fun with the dogs!




Raul tending to tomato plants

  Raul joined our team in 2013. He is from Ixtlaucha, Mexico and learned about greenhouse tomatoes in Bionatur greenhouses where Marc and Wenceslao worked as well.

  He spends most of his days at Schurman Family Farm caring for and harvesting tomatoes.  He is the fastest tomato harvester that we have ever seen and can easily harvest 200 cases (3000lb) of tomatoes in a day!. He is a great addition to the farm. He is married with a  son Alexis and is using his pay from Schurman Family Farm to build his young family a house in the lot beside his in laws.



Shelley and Norma

Shelley and Norma Schurman, Marc’s sister and mother help out at the farmers market in Charlottetown whenever Marc or Krista are unavailable or just taking a break. 

Shelley is a teacher so in the summer months she is the face at the Wednesday Charlottetown market!   They are both great to fill in for various summer special events and we really appreciate the help!

Samantha, Ben, and Quinton Sam, Quin, and Ben

  Samantha, Ben or Quinton, Marc and Krista’s children, take turns working at the farmers market. 

  They also have lots of chores around the farm including picking grape tomatoes, sweeping, grass cutting and whatever else needs doing.

  Benjamin and Quinton are twins and are going into grade 7.  Ben is our numbers guys and Quinton is our mechanical/tech guy.  Samantha (Sam around the farm) is in grade 5.  Even at her early age we see her budding leadership abilities that we are nurturing the best we can!  They each have great skill sets and are very different.  What a team they make!!!