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About Us

Marc and Krista Schurman along with their three children Ben, Quinton and Samantha own and operate Schurman Family Farm. Marc grew up on the family farm in Kensington, Prince Edward Island. After high school he attended the Nova Scotia Agricultural College and headed home to farm with his father in 1997. Krista grew up in Truro and with a passion for animals decided to head off to the Nova Scotia Agricultural college where she and Marc met. She joined him on the farm in 1997.

They started the greenhouse business in 2001 as a way to diversity their farm operation. It was also to fulfill Marc's passion for growing things. 

In 2008 Marc, Krista and the kids left the farm and headed out on a life adventure to Mexico and Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley. In Mexico, Marc managed a 25-acre greenhouse where he gained a great deal of knowledge and experience in greenhouse management. He also gained an even deeper appreciation for local agriculture and organic production. In 2011, Marc and Krista moved back to the family farm in Kensington and introduced the brand Atlantic Grown Organics to the Maritimes.

Marc loves to grow things. Farming is in his blood. It is want he loves and always wanted to do. Observing a seed grow into a plant and feeling the personal satisfaction when you are able harvest that red ripe tomato and see how beautiful it is and how great it tastes makes farming so fulfilling. As an adult he now sees the value of what he learned while raised on the farm and wants to share that with his children.

Krista loves nature and simplicity. The feeling she gets when she walks into the greenhouse and experiences the warmth, sees the green vibrant plants, and smells the plants and soil, reinforce that she is a part of something beautiful. 

Together, they both feel the importance of growing up on the farm teaching Ben, Samantha and Quinton about work ethic, life skills, and entrepreneurial skills.

So today, Marc and Krista and the kids grow 100% certified organic tomatoes, english cucumbers and a variety of vegetables in their 30 000 sq ft greenhouse. 

Atlantic Grown Organics Kensington Prince Edward Island


They take pride in growing high quality greenhouse vegetables which are sold on the farm, farm markets and other retail locations.  

Look for the label Atlantic Grown Organics.