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Top quality, fresh Local and/or Organic PEI Veggies


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Charlottetown -  Jan 11 - June 28 ( 25  Weeks)

                             Jan 11 - June 28 (13 Bi-weekly)     

                             Jan 18 - June  21 (12 Bi-weekly)   THURSDAY PICK UP


Summerside  -  Jan 12 - June 29 ( 13 Bi-weekly ONLY)  FRIDAY PICK UP


Kensington  -  Jan 19 - June 22 ( 12 Bi-weekly ONLY ) FRIDAY PICK UP



Box value $25.00 / week 

Weekly- 25 weeks - $625.00 ( Discount if paid in full  $575.00 ) 

Bi-weekly - 13 weeks - $325.00 ( Discount if paid in full $299.00)

                   - 12 weeks - $300.00 ( Discount if paid in full $276.00)


***  All boxes will start on the first Pick date listed for the location***


Pick up Locations Include:

  • Kensington - Murray Christian Center United Church - FRIDAY @ 4:30 - 5:30 pm
  • Summerside - Summerside Farmer's Market  -  inside - FRIDAY @ 4:30 - 5:30 pm
  • Charlottetown - Charlottetown Farmer's Market - Cafeteria entrance  -THURSDAY @ 4:00 - 5:30 pm


Our box will be a mixture of our organic greenhouse vegetables and we will also source some amazing winter vegetables from organic/or local farmers ( and we have some amazing farmer friends).  We also feature some local food items or eggs when available.

Each week you will receive an email with a list of items for the week to help you plan your meals.  Also, I often try to include some information, either about our farm, my other farmer friends or a recipe. 


** NEW **  Each week there will be a selection of  " SWITCH OUT " items.  This will give you the flexibility to create the VEGGIE BOX that best suits your needs :-)


** NEW **  " VEGGIE VOUCHER "  We understand life gets busy. Vacation happens or accidentally a pick up gets missed.  If for whatever reason you do not get your box, we will issue you a Veggie Voucher to use " at our booth" anytime at either the Charlotettown or Summerside Farmer's Market.  ( the items available to purchase will only be what is for sale at the market booth. )


Veggies and local products available  ( not limited to and depending upon season):

  • tomatoes, grape tomatoes, speciality tomatoes
  • red, green bell peppers or jalapeno peppers
  • english cucumbers
  • lettuce mixes, swiss chard, kale, spinach, arugula, pak choi
  • radish, beets
  • herbs
  • carrots, beans,peas, squash, zuchinni
  • cabbage, broccoli,cauliflower
  • potatoes, onions,mushrooms
  • seasonal berries, apples and other fruits
  • local organic pancake, cookie and muffin mix
  • local free range eggs


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